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Photo Solutions started with one goal in mind. To provide you with Solutions. for your photography business by providing custom graphics, marketing materials, and other services to help advance your photography company, grow your client base, profit on photo day and advance your image to the next level.

Who We Are

Photo Solutions is a small graphics company based in Jacksonville Florida. Photo Solutions provides many services such as custom templates for studio photography & sports photography, marketing material templates and other services to help photographers achieve their ultimate goal of providing the best-finished product to their clients. We started out as Spotlight Photographics, focusing primarily on youth sports poster templates and then some years later acquired the company Graphic Authority.  When this happened we decided to create Photo Solutions Market to be the official online marketplace for both Spotlight Photographics and Graphic Authority products and designs.  Today we have sold our products to over 10,000 photographers all over the United States and worldwide. Because we are committed to helping photographers grow we branched off additional services under the Photo Solutions brand such as SERVO, HYPE, PSU Education and twice a year we host a photography event called the PSU LIVE Workshop.

Our History

PSM Web Solutions
Graphic Authority
Spotlight Photographics